IAEA SSDL Services

The IAEA dosimetry laboratory (DOL) is the central laboratory of the IAEA/WHO SSDL Network. It plays a key role by providing traceability to Member states through the calibration of their reference standards (ionisation chambers). The laboratory also provides bilateral comparisons using ionisation chambers, reference irradiations for national personnel monitoring laboratories, and postal dose-audit services for the Member States. The services are provided free of charge through the SSDL Network. An SSDL sending equipment is responsible for all shipment related cost.

IAEA Services Overview

DOL’s services are underpinned by a Quality and Safety Management System in line with the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. The IAEA also is signatory to the CIPM MRA and has its calibration and measurement capabilities published in the BIPM key comparison database.

IAEA published CMCs: IAEA Calibration & Measurement Capabilities

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