IAEA Services for SSDLs


The SSDL Network provides direct bilateral comparisons with the IAEA standards for their members. The comparison programme enables SSDL Network members to verify the consistency of their national standards and validate the calibration procedure applied at the SSDL. The IAEA has comparison programmes for radiation therapy, radiation protection and diagnostic radiology, including appropriate acceptance limits. As a part of these programmes, calibrated IAEA transfer ionization chambers are sent to participating SSDLs to be calibrated using their own calibration procedure. The IAEA evaluates the comparison results and prepares a confidential comparison report. If any result is not within the acceptance limits, the IAEA is ready to provide further support to help resolve discrepancies. Upon request from the participants, the IAEA also provides assistance in the process of publishing the comparison results in an open-access literature to support the CMC claims of the participant.