SSDL Network

SSDL Network Charter

The SSDL Charter was originally drawn up and published in 1999, explaining the privileges, rights, and duties of members in the Network. A second edition of the SSDL Network Charter is now published online and can be downloaded here in English, Spanish (download here) and Russian (download here).

The second edition takes into consideration changes and developments in the field since the first charter was published. It has become apparent that in some instances the obligations and benefits of the Network membership were not clear. Consequently, the Scientific Committee which advises the Network Secretariat recommended that the Charter be updated to incorporate more guidance and recent developments with a view to strengthening the links of the SSDL Network to the SI.

This updated version of the SSDL Charter aims to clarify the duties and responsibilities as well as the benefits related to the SSDL Network membership. In addition, the Charter describes how the SSDLs can be designated, how the Network functions and the scope of the work of the SSDLs. In updating this Charter, the principles and commitments of the original Charter have been maintained. However, the updates take into account (i) the IAEA experience in coordinating the activities of the SSDL Network for more than 40 years, (ii) the mutual recognition arrangement for the national measurement standards and recognition of the validity of calibration and measurement certificates established by the International Committee for Weights and Measures in 1999 (CIPM MRA), and (iii) the requirement for SSDLs to have a quality management system according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The 1st edition of the SSDL Charter can be downloaded here.