SSDL Network

Scientific Committee

The SSDL Network is operated by the Network Secretariat and advised by the SSDL Scientific Committee. The Committee was established in 1984 and the members are rotated every 5 years. The Scientific Committee meetings are organized biennially. During these meetings the work done in the Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics section is reviewed and recommendations for the future work is given by the Committee.

The members of the current Scientific Committee are the following:
Ms María-Ester Brandan, Instituto de Física, National University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico
Mr David T. Burns, Ionizing Radiation Department, International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), Sèvres
Mr David S. Followill, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Mr Konstantinos Hourdakis, Ionizing Radiation Calibration Laboratory, Greek Atomic Energy Commission, Greece
Mr Hans-Georg Menzel, (Chairman) ICRU Bethesda
Mr Carl Ross, Ionizing Radiation Standards Group, National Research Council, Canada
Mr George Sgouros, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Scientific Committee Members

The members of the Committee present in person at the 18th Scientific Committee meeting: (from left) David Followill, Costas Hourdakis, George Sgouros, Penelope Allisy (Rapporteur), Carl Ross, David Burns