IAEA Services for SSDLs

Calibration services

The IAEA provides periodic calibration of reference standards (ionisation chambers and an associated electrometer) and reference irradiation of passive dosimeters for national personnel monitoring laboratories. To request a service, download the appropriate form and send it completed and signed to dosimetry@iaea.org.

Calibration Services

Request for Calibration of Instruments

How to fill in request for calibration of instruments

How to fill in request for calibration of instruments-video

Request for Reference Irradiations to Dosimeters for Radiation Protection

The IAEA calibration procedures are described in the following documents:

  1. External Radiation Therapy
  2. Radiation Protection
  3. Diagnostic Radiology
  4. Brachytherapy

These appendices are provided together with the calibration certificates.

The IAEA obtains its measurement traceability from the BIPM and other national primary standards laboratories (PSDLs). When there are changes on the primary standards that affect traceability, notices are issued. Below is a notice on the implementation of the ICRU report 90.

IAEA notification on ICRU90 changes in 2019