Notice Board

This notice board is used to provide topical information for SSDL Network Members.

Information Notes

Information Notes are short announcements about the current topics related to the Dosimetry Laboratory of IAEA and the SSDL Network.

Download the newest information note here

Information Note 1 2021.pdf includes information about:

  • SSDL Newsletter 2021
  • SSDL annual reports for 2020

Previous Information Notes:

Information Note 1_2020 includes information about:

  • Calibration work and COVID-19
  • Annual reporting
  • SSDL Newsletters 2020
  • Open vacancies

Information Note 1_2019 includes information about:

  • Implementation of ICRU 90 changes
  • IDOS 2019
  • 2018 Annual reports
  • SSDL Newsletters

Information Note 1_2018 includes information about:

  • Updated SSDL Charter published in English and Spanish
  • SSDL training in December 2018
  • New radiation qualities for mammography calibrations
  • Annual reporting and DOLNET updates

Information Note 2_2017 includes information about:

  • New SSDL Network website and DOLNET
  • Vacancy at the IAEA Dosimetry Laboratory
  • IAEA Dosimetry Laboratory receives a linear accelerator
  • SSDL Newsletter
  • Dosimetry Network Facebook group
  • Invitation to participate in IAEA-SSDL bilateral comparisons
  • Update of TRS 457: Diagnostic radiology Code of Practice
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Information Note 1_2017 includes information about:

  • SSDL Newsletter 66 published
  • Invitation to participate in the 2017 comparisons
  • Announcement of Brachytherapy technical meeting
  • Update of TRS 457: Diagnostic radiology Code of Practice

Information Note 2_2016 includes information about:

  • SSDL Newsletter 65 published
  • New calibration request form for calibration services in the IAEA
  • New IAEA-SSDL bilateral comparison protocols available
  • 2015 Annual reports
  • Announcement of Uncertainty course for SSDLs organized in 2017

Information Note 1_2016 includes information about:

  • modified calibration services in IAEA
  • IAEA-SSDL bilateral comparison program for 2016
  • Annual reports for 2015
  • SSC-17 and SSDL Newsletter 65